Marshall County Resource Directory


  Safety Resources  
Child Advocacy Center  

Provides a safe atmosphere where children can tell about incidences of abuse.  Counseling, parenting and Anger Management classes are available.  Summer program for children.

Leslie Guthrie    (256) 582-8457

Coalition for Domestic Violence Program offers support and advocacy for victims of domestic abuse.  Provides information for referrals for counseling and legal services.  Available for community education. 


Mel Lambert    (256) 571-9130

24 hour crisis line   (256) 582-5339

Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate   

Community volunteers who are officers of the court to advocate for abused and neglected children.



Kim Harris   (256) 582-7888

Department of Human Resources          

Investigates reports of child abuse and neglect, provides financial and food assistance, child support services,   protective services and foster care.



Wayne Sellers    (256) 582-7100

Police Departments Albertville Police Department

Arab Police Department

Boaz Police Department

Douglas Police Department

Drug Enforcement Unit

Grant Police Department

Guntersville Police Department

Marshall County Sheriffs Office

Benny Womack                   (256) 878-1212

Mike Blackwood                 (256) 586-8124

Terry Davis                         (256) 593-6812

Chad Long                           (256) 593-6531

                                             (256) 571-7714

Alan Edmonds                     (256) 728-4235

Jim Peterson                        (256) 571-7571

Scott Walls                           (256) 582-2034

Safe Place Emergency shelter and crisis intervention services for runaway and homeless youth ages 12-17.


Alice Weeks   (256) 582-1042


Safe Haven for Newborns  

A program which allows newborn babies to be taken to the hospital within 72 hours of  birth, with no questions asked.  Mothers  will not face criminal charges for abandonment.     The Department of Human Resources will handle all legalities of adoption.


Kathleen Rice   (256) 582-7100

  Education Resources  
Schools and extended day/tutoring Albertville City Board of Education

 Arab City Board of Education

Boaz City Board of Education

Guntersville City Board of Education

Marshall County Board of Education


Vocational Rehabilitation  

Vocational evaluation and counseling,  job readiness training, technology/equipment, orientation and mobility training, job placement, post-employment assistance.


Bill Green    1-800-671-6839  
Janice Creel    (256) 891-1300

GED Free adult and ESL education classes in various locations in
Marshall County.


(256) 638-2957


Launch Program  

Assessments, job shadowing, leadership skills, ropes course, exposure to post secondary  opportunities and adult mentoring for ages 16-21.



Sandra Davis     (256) 894-4725

4H Clubs Youth organization for ages 9-19, which relies on adult volunteer leaders and focuses on life skills.


Amy Burgess    (256) 582-2009


Even Start  

A literacy program for parents of children birth through eight years.  GED preparation, Adult Education and Parenting classes.



Carol Evans   (256) 593-6040

Drug Free Marshall County   

Seeks to educate the community and prevent alcohol and
other drug abuse. 



Wes Gallant  (256) 571-9130


  Health Resources  
AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Adults who meet together for support in order to recover
from alcoholism.

Arab:            (256) 586-6621
Albertville:   (256) 878-9990

AIDS Action Coalition  

Provides prevention education and counseling, treatment, HIV testing and emergency financial assistance to those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.


Will Smith     (256) 426-8753

Alabama Child Caring  

Provides health benefits for children under 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid or AllKids and who do not have private insurance.



AllKids Insurance


Comprehensive health insurance program at little or no cost for children under 19 years of age.  Provides coverage for quality medical care including preventive, dental and eye care.



Tina Dooley    (256) 582-3174

Court Referral Office  

Confidential drug testing.  Case Management.




(256) 571-9130

Bradford Health Services       

Provides assessment, education in-services, intensive out-patient and in-patient treatment.


 (256) 593-9152 or


 Crisis Pregnancy Center        

Free pregnancy testing and education, counseling, adoption and abortion alternatives, date counseling. Free maternity and baby clothes



Sharon Ainsworth   (256) 878-1300 
Gayla Hayes   (256) 931-2000            

Dayspring Christian Counseling  

Provides a Christian alternative for those seeking professional counseling.



Terry Nelson   (256) 878-3809

Marshall County Health Department


Vital statistics, immunizations, WIC, family planning,
pregnancy testing, Medicaid eligibility.



Pat Franklin   (256) 582-3174

Marshall Jackson Mental Health Center  

Psychiatric evaluations and treatment, counseling, prevention, education, emergency services, children and family services, substance abuse treatment, adult residential case   maintenance, and adult day treatment.



 (256) 582-3203

Marshall Jackson Mental Retardation Authority  

Provides adult residential and day habilitation, provides case management for children, adolescents, and adults.  Early  Intervention Program provides services for children 0-3 years of age with any developmental delay.  Special Family, Special Needs provides services to those 3-21 years of age.



Jim Dobbs   (256) 582-7528

Mountain View Hospital


On-site evaluation, crisis intervention, support groups, case management services, follow-up post discharge, inpatient and outpatient services.




NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Provides referral services and treatment hotline.  


Poison Control  

Offers 24-hour hotline that provides information on overdoses, accidental in gestation, and inhaling of cleaning supplies, poison, legal or illegal drugs.




STD Hotline


Information concerning identifying, preventing, and treatment of  STDs.  Hotline available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.




  Early Childcare and Education



Day Care Centers     

Arab Kids Kollege 

Asbury Head Start     

Big Spring Lake 

Boaz Child Development Center

Boaz Head Start  

Bright Beginners Nursery  

Carousel Child Care Center   

Dawn Redwood CC/LC  

Douglas Head Start   

Enchanted Child Development 

Gingerbread House Learning Center 

Grant Head Start    

Grassy Head Start  

Great Day Kindergarten  

Guntersville Child Development Ctr. 

Guntersville Head Start    

Kelley Kare Day Care 

Little People’s Playhouse/LC  

Lots of Love Child Care Center  

The Academy of Early Learning

Village School Child Care 

Village School Child Care Center 

Village School Child Care Clubhouse   

Wee Care Child Care Center 

(256) 586-7898

 (256) 638-4161

(256) 891-3666

(256) 593-7379

(256) 593-2446

(256) 582-5776

(256) 891-1111

(256) 840-9801

(256) 593-2439

(256) 840-5904

(256) 593-0870

(256) 728-7189

(256) 537-2451

(256) 586-8110

(256) 582-8809

(256) 638-4161

(256) 878-9043

(256) 753-1014

(256) 593-5163

(256) 840-2000

(256) 878-5295

(256) 582-5408

(256) 878-5295

(256) 593-2122


Today's Mom  

Free classes to learn more about some common problems that occur during pregnancy and what can be done to develop a health lifestyle for mothers and their babies.  Meetings are held at the Health Department on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.



Sue Moman    (256) 582-2009


RSVP Reading Buddies


Program in which volunteers spend 30 minutes a week and provide encouragement and reading support for students in   1st and 2nd grades who are reading below grade level.


JoAnn Lowery   (256) 571-7734
  Economic Security Resources  
Christian Women’s Job Corp  

Christian Program that uses mentors to teach women life skills, job skills, relationships, parenting, remedial reading, and computer skills. 10 weeks.  A ministry of the Marshall Baptist Association. 


Linda Henry   (256) 891-2430
Job Corps  

Counseling, enrichment courses in social skills, parenting, GED preparation and attainment of spending money while in vocational skills training for ages 16-24.



(256) 547-6222

North Alabama Skill Center  

GED preparation, career counseling, on the job training, computer skills, and life coping skills. 



Tommy Austin   (256) 891-1300

Legislative Office   Contact:

Judy Miller   (256) 582-0619



Parent Involvement and Skills


Boy Scouts of America  

Equips young boys in developing personal strengths by  example and hands-on experience.



Gene Wright   (256) 638-7750

Clothes Closet  


Guntersville Church of Christ Benevolence House,  836 Gunter Avenue (next to the church); (256) 582-2494;
Tuesday 9:00 –11:00a.m. Closed June and July

Mount Vernon Baptist Church; 2650 Pine Street  Albertville, AL;   (256) 593-3552;
Tuesday 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


First Call for Help      Provides information and makes referrals.  

(256) 582-0506
(800) 936-4357


Girl Scouts of North Alabama  

Promotes character development, leadership and life skills
for girls ages 5-17



Judy Jones   (256) 582-0093

Juvenile Probation  

Intake and supervision of court ordered juvenile delinquent   and status offenders.  Early Warning Truancy Prevention Program.  Referrals to other services and agencies. 



Donna Johnson   (256) 571-7727

Parent Project Court ordered parenting and teen classes to support parents and help teens make positive changes in their behavior.


Donna Heatherly   (256) 571-7727



Summer Reading Programs


Albertville Public Library

Arab Public Library

Boaz Public Library

Guntersville Library



(256) 891-8290

(256) 526-3366

(256) 593-8056

(256) 571-7595

Tennessee Valley Family Services  

Provides shelter care to youth ages 12-17 who are abused, neglected, or homeless. Also court ordered referrals for status offenses.



  Alice Henderson   (256) 582-0377

TRIPP Weekend program for juveniles who need help learning to make better choices, anger management, and obeying rules.


  Gail Hinds   (256) 582-0377


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