Council Members

The county policy consists of 28 voting members: 21 people who are legislated to serve and 7 who are elected by the council. Marshall County is fortunate to have additional members who volunteer to serve.   The following persons are members of the Marshall County Children's Policy Council.



Tommy Austin Northeast Alabama Skill Center 256-891-1300
Frederic E. Ayer Superintendent, Albertville City Bd. of Ed. 256-891-1183
Dot Burke CAJA ( Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate ) 256-582-7888
Liles Burke District Judge 256-5717779
Shannon Cole Boaz City Board of Education 256-593-3481
Phillip Collie Guntersville City Board of Education (GAP) 256-582-0262
Judy Collier Arab City Board of Education 256-586-6011
Tara Collins Boaz Child Development Center 256-593-7379
Janice Creel Department of Rehabilitation Services 256-878-7521
Cherie Crowe Marshall County Visitation Program 256-571-9080
Carolyn Crump Marshall County Domestic Violence Coalition 256-891-9864

                      Sandra Davis

Launch Program 256-894-4725
Leland Dishman Superintendent, Boaz City Board of Education 256-593-8108
Tina Dooley Marshall County Health Department (All Kids) 256-582-3174
Carol Evans Marshall County Board of Education (Even Start) 256-582-2310
Doug Fleming Chairman, Marshall County Commission 256-571-7701
Alex Farish Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare 256-582-3203
Amy Floyd Department of Children's Affairs 334-318-5051
Wes Gallant Drug Free Marshall County 256-571-9130
Myron Gargis Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare 256-582-3203
Doug Gibbs Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. 256-582-2034
Howard Hawk Presiding Juvenile Court Judge 256-571-7776
Donna Heatherly Parent Project 256-571-7727
Alice Henderson Tennessee Valley Family Services 256-582-0377
Myra Holt Childcare Resource Network
Cathy Hughes Marshall County Health Department 256-582-3174
Stacie Jenkins Juvenile Probation Office 256-571-7727
Donna Johnson Chief Juvenile Probation Officer 256-571-7727
Tim Jolley Presiding Circuit Court Judge 256-878-8597
Connie Kennamer Albertville City Board of Education 256-891-1183
Chuck Knight Juvenile Probation Office 256-571-7727
Gloria Kliner Northeast Alabama Skill Center 256-891-1300
Andy Lee Superintendent, Guntersville City Bd. of Ed. 256-582-3159
Rebecca Mabe Genesis 256-571-9000
Juana Macia Auburn Extension Office
Steve Marshall District Attorney 256-582-8113
Frank McDaniel State Representative 256-582-0619
Jeff McLaughlin State Representative 256-582-0619
Hinton Mitchem State Senator 256-582-0619
Christina Morgan Child Advocacy Center 256-582-8492
John Mullins Superintendent, Arab City Board of Ed. 256-586-6011
Tim Nabors Superintendent, Marshall County Bd. of Ed. 256-582-3159
Flossie Pack Child Advocacy Center 256-582-8492
Patricia Pankey Department of Youth Services 205-942-5885
Bonnie Roslin Guntersville Child Development Center 256-582-8806
Kathleen Rice Department of Human Resources 256-582-7100
Tim Riley Juvenile Court Judge 256-878-2007
Jeana Ross Community Education Coordinator 256-593-6040
John Ruffin Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Alabama 256-880-2123
Debra Seagraves Alcohol Beverage Control Board 256-536-9814
Wayne Sellers Director, Dept. of Human Resources 256-582-7100
John Slivka Albertville City Board of Education 256-891-1183
Will Smith AIDS Action Coalition (256) 426-8753
Angela Sparks Court Referral Office 256-571-9130
Ms. Annie Spike Marshall Co. Board of Education 256-582-3994
Beth Sprouse Albertville City Board of Education 256-891-1183
Sherry Swindall Child Advocacy Center 256-582-8492
Diana Turner Mentor Marshall 256-728-2226
Sherri Vaughn Juvenile Probation Office 256-571-7727
Jeannie Wallace Marshall Medical Centers 256-571-8026
Scott Walls Sheriff, Marshall County Sheriff's Department 256-582-2034
James Watkins Juvenile Probation Office 256-571-7727
Joan Whitfield Medicaid Agency 256-840-3429
Sue Ann Wharton Unified Prevention Systems 256-571-7730
Cindy Wigley Marshall County Technical School 256-582-3171
Janice Wilson Juvenile Probation Office 256-571-7727
John Young Marshall Co. District Attorney's Office 256-582-8113